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    • 船长独家系列课程每月任选5门
    • 其他系列课程每月1门
    • 15分钟电话咨询服务覆盖求职,财务,研究等领域


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    Premium Plan

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    • 船长独家系列课程每月任选15门
    • 其他系列课程每月2门
    • 不定期独立公司研报
    • 可加入高级会员用户群
    • 1小时咨询服务覆盖求职,财务,投资,研究,数据分析等领域
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    Professional Plan

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    • 船长独家系列课程无限选择
    • 其他课程无限选择
    • 获得不定期研报推送+附赠专业财务及估值模型
    • 可加入专业会员用户群
    • 咨询团队总计24小时咨询服务,覆盖财务,研究,投资,战略,数据分析等领域
    • 金融船长微信一对一咨询服务


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    sharp your business skills, provide real insight

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    Value Propostition


    We provide business education courses and consulting services:

    -Education Courses including business, economics, finance, investing, accounting, management, big data, machine learning, data analytics, and CS.

    -Consulting Services including financial modeling, career insights and tips, independent research, strategic consulting, investing etc.

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    Please pay our course or membership services by credit card/paypal/wechat

  • 用户评价


    My name is John Tan,

    I'm a graduate majoring in CS,

    After taking Captain's Accounting

    Course, I've successfully break

    into Investment Banking

    and now sits in TMT















    I'm Jessica, I was a research analyst in a hedge fund, I've lost job in the COVID-19, thanks Captain's course and consulting, I'm now received many interviews from FIntech Firms.













    I'm Rachel. I'm a sales director in a startup. Thanks Captain's business course and consulting, I'm now one of the leader and management of the firm and our sales revenue double during the COVID-19

    I'm Mr.Cook. I run a listed

    company. Captain is always

    my personal advisor since we

    were a startups, his consulting

    services really benefit me a lot

    and help us through many


  • career changes, COVID-19,consulting, business analyst,investment analyst,engineer

    Luna Yeung

    Hi guys, I'm Luna. I'll be 29 this summer. I was an analyst in sellside. I know finance captain by accident many years ago and subscribed his consulting services. I've been some down time during past two years, encountered micro manage and bully in the workplace and wanna change careers. Thanks Captain's coaching and advise, I now successfully get out from my previous job and now doing business analytics in a Fintech company.

    find jobs under COVID-19,career transformation,investment,big data

    Arash Marlon

    I'm an engineer in a software company. I'm 35 years old. I've bored with coding many years ago, and by an accident, I found Finance Captain and subscribed his courses and consulting services. Under his guidance and my effort, I've successfully changed career track to finance industry, and now I've been an senior investment analyst in venture capital focus on technology for two years.

    housing wife back to workforce,full time mother work,consulting

    Catina Lora

    I'm a full time house wife. I've away from the job markets for two years. But this year, due to the COVID-19, things became very difficult. My husband lost his job during the pandemic, and we need income to raise our two baby. So I want to back to job markets but don't know how. After consulting with Captain, I subscribed the professional membership, and after took many data analytics courses, I now got an offer to become a data analyst.

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