Computational Neuroscience
Computational Neuroscience
offered by university of washington
1.Introduction & Basic Neurobiology (Rajesh Rao)
2.What do Neurons Encode? Neural Encoding Models (Adrienne Fairhall)
3.Extracting Information from Neurons: Neural Decoding (Adrienne Fairhall)
4.Information Theory & Neural Coding (Adrienne Fairhall)
5.Computing in Carbon (Adrienne Fairhall)
6.Computing with Networks (Rajesh Rao)
7.Networks that Learn: Plasticity in the Brain & Learning (Rajesh Rao)
8.Learning from Supervision and Rewards (Rajesh Rao)
Coming soon
Coming soon
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This is the same course on coursera, we will send you the link within 12hrs. We will send the course via Baidu cloud or via the google drive please add my wechat:monkeyjack123 or leave your email we will send via google drive.

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